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Every dish is a work of art, but the chef who cooks them is a painter, jeweller and designer. Enjoy the meal!


Garlic butter–fried sea scallops served with mashed swede
9,70 EUR

Trout and avocado tartare served with basil toasts
8,50 EUR

Moules marinières with leeks, carrots, celery, and creamy white-wine butter sauce
9,70 EUR

* Green salad with whipped goat cheese, red wine–braised beets, nuts and berries, and basil and cherry dressings
6,50 EUR

Spinach salad with mushrooms, quail eggs, pork belly, and cream cheese dressing
6,50 EUR

Oven-baked avocado with cocktail-shrimp julienne, served with mango pistachio tartare
8,80 EUR


Grilled cornfed chicken served with garlic-roasted vegetables, beet mashed potatoes, and butter sauce
9,80 EUR

Slow-cooked venison chop served with onion marmalade, roasted root vegetables, and green-pea purée
22,80 EUR

Duck leg confit with butter-fried vegetables, roots, and green-pea purée
12,50 EUR

Oven-roasted pork ribs with caraway carrot purée and bean and bacon gratin
9,80 EUR

Baked halibut fillet with green-pea purée and mango pistachio tartare
17,00 EUR

Pan-fried pikeperch fillet served with beet mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables
11,50 EUR

Fried trout fillet served with cocktail-shrimp risotto
13,50 EUR

Beef steak served with roasted root vegetables and swede purée
17,90 EUR


Cream of trout and vegetable soup
6,30 EUR

* Tomato soup with basil and heirloom onions
4,80 EUR

Venison ginger soup with vegetables and chickpeas
7,30 EUR


Penne with chicken fillet, smoked pork breast, mushrooms, asparagus, and parmesan cheese
9,00 EUR

Linguine with beef tenderloin, homemade tomato sauce, parsley, onions, and parmesan cheese
9,00 EUR

Lumachine with seafood, green onions and creamy curry sauce
9,00 EUR

Pasta with aubergine, tomatoes, chives, and hard cheese
7,60 EUR


* Sautéed yellow wax beans with mushrooms, served with basil sauce and toasted almonds
8,20 EUR

Tomato couscous with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and herb cream sauce
7,60 EUR

Pasta with aubergine, tomatoes, green onions, and hard cheese
7,60 EUR


Apple rum mousse served with cloudberry jam and dehydrated apples
4,50 EUR

Crème brûlée with lavender and berries
4,50 EUR

Chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice-cream
4,50 EUR